a path to remembrance

THE VIOLET FLAME is an alchemy of sacred spiritude. It brings a new experience of self as other to all who claim it as their own. You, by nature of being born, are a bearer of the Flame. It is a Sacred Alchemy of earthly Delights and Sovereign Activation. 

Let it be known to you as: an Aquarian-Age magic. A powerful and potent kind of Love. A Re-Connective Thread, a Gaia Awakening Service for those seeking Remembrance of your sacred origins. Its power is in activating High Frequency or "Light Codes" upon your consciousness.

I am continually in awe of the stories I get to take part in as a part of this project. Books published, oracle decks realized, major businesses shifted. For those Grace-bringers in the Healing Arts, meditators and seekers of Truth, it is a remembering; for creatives, artists, and sensitives, it is both affirmation and an expansion of their inner vision.

Read their stories here: Violet Flame Testimonials from artists, authors and visionaries such as Danielle Noel, Vanja Vukelic, Ruby Warrington and more.


I access your energy field using a clairvoyant ability known as "remote viewing" and my own energy healing method, The 3-Fold Process® of Clearing, Activation and Anchoring, which was channeled to me by St. Germain in 2016. 

While I do the work, you are laying down and relaxing at home to receive. The full sequence takes about 40-50mins; most people "Know" when they are done, and arise at that time. Others slip into a deep sleep and awake 2-3 hours later.

While I'm working with your energy, I am channeling wisdom directly from your higher self. This comes through me as drawings, messages, poetry, direct guidance to implement. I record my findings on a Video Report which I send to you within 24 hours. I act as a mystic detective. :) If you care to share, we'll exchange an email or two to connect the dots. 


The Violet Flame is a sacred alchemy and part of a wider purpose -- a full-scale feminine awakening on this planet. It's task now is to alight the divine feminine gifts of intuition and creativity within the Heart of All Beings. When you receive the Activation, you become part of a sisterhood. You become a torchbearer. It will no longer be optional for you to share your sacred gifts with the world. Your heart's true expression awaits. Are you ready? 


To book, please submit payment using the link below. Upon receipt I will send you a direct link to my calendar where you can schedule your appointment at your convenience. BONUS! You now also receive THE VIOLET FLAME GUIDEBOOK, my original e-book with special tips and exercises to enhance the experience.

Investment: 188US


“The Violet Flame Activation feels like the purest form of energy work - it is a direct connection to Source and all of the healing guides, angels, and blessed beings that go along with it.  These sessions offer deep and tangible support from beginning to end, with detailed guidance to continue healing beyond the session.  Rose is a powerful and clear physical conduit for this exquisite healing offering to flow through, and the Violet Flame is a true testimonial to her strength of connection to Spirit.  This is the next level in energy work as humanity evolves and awakens, and Rose is at the forefront of this healing shift.” —Corinne Feinberg, Path Light Healing


Kindly note fees are non-refundable and sessions should be scheduled within 4-6 weeks - please be 100% certain now is the perfect time for you to receive. Questions write to