Lady Rose Ama-Ra, SOUL ACTIVATOR and globe-trotter, igniting some magic from Los Angeles. 

Lady Rose Ama-Ra, SOUL ACTIVATOR and globe-trotter, igniting some magic from Los Angeles. 


You have a divine birthright to a multi-dimensional experience of life.
The Violet Flame Activation is here to help you clear away the detritus in your mind and body, so you can fly free.

What is it really? It's a distance healing energy experience, with a follow-up video.

It may not seem like much at first...until you experience its power.

Clients across the world rave about the insights they receive without having to provide any information other than Name + Birthdate, not to mention the faith and hope that arises when they realize you can receive healing energy form another person without even sharing the same room or time zone! Read their stories here.

The Violet Flame offers ::

A potent infusion of 100% Pure God Light (one could call it Source Energy, or Universal Energy; similar to Reiki, but very different), into your auric field

A reconnection to your sacred birthright and access to ancient wisdom and self-knowledge

High-frequency upgrades that accelerate your soul path


I access your energy field using a clairvoyant ability known as "remote viewing" and my own energy healing method, The 3-Fold Process® of Clearing, Activation and Anchoring.

While I do the work, you are laying down and relaxing at home to receive. The full sequence takes about 40-50mins; most people "Know" when they are done, and arise at that time. Others slip into a deep sleep and awake 2-3 hours later.

While I'm working with your energy, I am channeling wisdom directly from your higher self. This comes through me as drawings, messages, poetry, direct guidance for you to incorporate into your life I record my findings on a Video Report or Audio Message which you receive in your inbox within 48 hours following the energy activation.

The Violet Flame Activation is part of a body of work by Lady Rose Ama-Ra that ends up to an Aquarian manifesto for collective healing and uplift. Join in this international quest for personal transformation and collective evolution.