Rainbow Activation Pak

Rainbow Activation Pak


Welcome dear ones, to a NEW awareness of Self as other! This means unity awareness, and the 5-dimensional consciousness that is currently being gifted to this planet. YOU are the container for and the receiver of these teachings of Mother Mary, Lord Lanto (a master of faith love and hope), and St. Germain (master alchemist). These enlightened frequencies are here to support you in your unfoldment, and the creation of heaven within your own celestial and corporeal form. 

This is a transformative experience that activates your intuition and opens your heart to Spirit. My experience of recording these transmissions was nothing short of revelatory.  Healers and artists will particularly benefit. Listeners say it is "beautiful", "lovely", "inspiring", and the catalyst towards incredible serendipitous encounters with Source. Divine channelers will notice their psychic senses opening: clairaudience and clairvoyance in particular will be activated.

Personally, this experience of receiving this shifted my life into one of mystic realities, and constant serendipity. I have more trust than ever that I am on the right path, and my connection to my guides is 24/7. 

You receive: 8 MP3 audio recordings totaling approx 66 minutes. 

The centermost point is the True Love Activation which activates the One True Heart of All, your mainline connection to Mother Earth. Listen to a free preview here.

This is a DIY recording, and some flaws are present. (Soft sound interruptions), but the entire teaching is in full force. 

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