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San Francisco Remembrances to Mount Shasta :: Walk of Holiness

I am currently building a small army of love warriors for some very intensive, co-created gatherings.

We are gathering in continuing remembrance in San Francisco area to extend deep remembrances and build a shamanic intensive leadership around Northern California. 

This is a healing wave that needs to take place for the planet, a co-created ritual remembrance for the spirits of the West Coast. We will begin in San Francisco and make our way to Mount Shasta, activating sacred energy to heal the heart of Gaia. 

I am doing this on my own and in partnership with a few sovereign leaders. Updates will be made via Instagram.

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9:00 PM21:00

ONLINE CLASS: Introduction to Sovereign Grace

Serving in divine remembrance we bring forward teachings of a New Way. 

We would love to share with you, the New Teachings of Sovereign Grace. We will share tips and tools of the trade, bringing forward a New Awareness of Self as Other: this is a galactic upgrade to a new level of self-mastery. Are you seeking a newer mindset? A new way of seeing and being that is in better alignment with your true grace? 

Then this class is for you. Exploratory learning happens. Let this be a co-facilitation. We beckon for release as sovereign teachings.

The vessel for release of these teachings is Rose of the Amara Constellation, a collective of Light Awarenesses that beckons for release on this planet as True Grace Teachings. 

Join us on Zoom on Thursday evening for an intimate class setting, a digital learning constellation where we will learn a new way of being together. Bring forward your true grace in the form of: 

• questions about your life (Career: which way should I go, which job should I take? Love: how can I open more to loving intimacy? True beingness: how do I get in touch with my spirituality) as well as the intention of collective awareness. What this means is, within every question, is a question for the collective. In everyone's pain is a shared pain. 

From Rose: 

I received a transmission on a night at home after some simple art-making. After creating space in body and mind, I allowed myself to be a channel of true grace. It came through fast and furious: a message from the Arcturians. They are an alien persuasion, or as they prefer, "extraterrestrials", or even better, The True Constellation of Beingness. 

Through these Arcturian persuasions, I facilitate this class. 

To register, send $44 to via Paypal. Please note in your message "for arcturian class june 21st". More information to follow. 


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