VIOLET FLAME ROSE is a SOUL ACTIVATOR and ARTIST based in New York City and Los Angeles. 

Also known as "Lady Rose or "Ama-Ra" she is regarded by her peers as an energy medicine pioneer. A young entrepreneur with an infectious laugh and an encyclopedic knowledge on multi-dimensional lifestyle, she is a gifted psychic and divine channel working with angels and ascended masters. She is the Creator of the Violet Flame Activation an advanced form of energy medicine that combines automatic writing, remote viewing, intuitive channeling, and healing across space, time and all dimensions. 

Trusted by professional healers and light-workers for insights and cleansings, she also calls CEOS, advertising executives and creatives across all industries devoted clients. Her awakening experiences are currently being chronicled into various texts and media projects, and her raison d'être is to support you in your own radical awakening journey. Ask her anything - she'll have an answer. (Just maybe not the one you want to hear.)

She has been a freelance intuitive healing artist with an international clientele since 2013.

You may know her by her given name Molly Burkett, the "Bushwick artwitch" and influential voice of modern witchcraft that helped make Goddess circles mainstream and brought tarot cards onto yoga mats. (She's sorry, and you're welcome.) Skirting the media since taking the name Rose in early 2016, past features include Sanctuary3The Huffington Post, ForbesNew York Magazine's Bedford & Bowery (twice), iHeartRadio. She also starred as herself in Fusion TV's Molly and the Cards and when called for, wrote articles to help us survive the Trump era. 

Some of her various hats include:

metaphysical consultant for film & television and conscious corporations

tarot reader for 1Hotels Central Park, Urban Outfitters, Hulu, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Wild Unknown, Payoneer INC, Hawk PR and more

 meditation instructor for creative co-working spaces such as Soho House's Ludlow House

reiki practitioner / energy worker for individuals, couples, families and their pets as well as homes and spaces

Divinely ordained to perform rites of passage on the dead and dying, she is also blessed and honored to perform end-of-life ceremonial blessings and mediumship/spiritualist work using candle magic and traditional rootwork. She provides low or no-cost reiki healing services to cancer survivors and "thrivers" via non-profit You Can Thrive.

Her personal transformation is a testament to the power of natural healing as she has found relief from instances of: migraines, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, chronic pain, inflammation, excema, and PMS/PMDD through the medicine of meditation, yoga, dietary shifts and herbal medicine. She believes modern wellness must include a multi-dimensional awareness, and has had various transformative experiences as she uncovered the emotional causes and psychic root of her pain. Her radical awakening journey is an ongoing evolution of personal remembrances that include daily psychic happenings and modern prophecy that she is currently compiling into a series of books and screenplays. 

Certified in yoga in Bali, Indonesia and reiki in Brooklyn, she has acted as healer-in-residence at places like Maha Rose North in the Catskills (as seeing Vogue) and Joshua Tree Retreat Center for Desert Daze Music Festival. She has presented talks for The Numinous and leads a conscious devotional lifestyle of prayer, meditation and practice of the Violet Flame, an energy alchemy for the modern age that works on people and places to transmute dense energies into light.

Contact her here or follow on Instagram @violetflamerose.