Welcome to the AMA-RA Portal. I AM Lady Rose AMA-RA. I welcome you to an experience of yourself as UNITY GRACE.


I AM an embodied Priestess of the Light.

Light Activations with Lady Rose

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True Love Activation for opening the heart

Gaia Remembrance for grounding and cleansing

Goddess of Love guided visualization

Welcome dear ones, to a NEW awareness of Self as other! This means unity awareness, and the 5-dimensional consciousness that is currently being gifted to this planet. YOU are the container for and the receiver of these teachings of Mother Mary, Lord Lanto (a master of faith love and hope), St. Germain (master alchemist) and more. These enlightened frequencies are here to support you in your unfoldment, and the creation of heaven within your own celestial and corporeal form. 

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Who is Rose?

Lady Rose Amara is a channel for divine frequencies of mastery. She supports you in becoming a secure, sovereign individual, serving the collective awakening.

Rose is a naturally gifted intuitive and is one of the most sought-after readers and healing practitioners in NYC, with frequent visits to Los Angeles and SF Bay. She is very grateful to serve as a healing artist. She grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana and was born in Florida. 

She has known as an up-and-coming star in the international spiritual community, revered for her vivacious personality, wise teaching style and aura of mystery and radiance.

She has appeared in The Huffington Post, New York Magazine's Bedford & Bowery and Rookie Mag among others. She has lent her expertise to Nylon and Teen Vogue, and starred in a documentary short on Fusion TV called Molly and the Cards. 


Private Light Activations with Lady Rose

Light activations are an attempt to master oneself. Through hands-on healing, I will kneel before you as leader, teacher, but more so, facilitator of your own self-healing. 

I will call on the Family of Light Awarenesses that I receive messages from, and we will request guidance. 

Each activation is a ritual, and every experience is unique. We co-create together a unique symmetry of various tools and tips that facilitate your own evolvement. We will laugh, play, and delight in Spirit together.

"Rose helped me so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found the session to be wonderful. It was unlike anything else I’d experienced and the space she created was so loving and warm. I woke up the next morning feeling rested for the first time in months. And this morning as well. The stomach pain has gone and I feel full of love and positivity. I’ve also been given two job offers today!" --Kelly, Astoria, NY

PRIVATE SESSIONS can be held via Phone, Skype, or in-person in Brooklyn. 


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Tarot Reading for Events

Readings for events provide a step into the waters of knowledge. Our 5-10 minute encounter is fun and friendly, but bold and wise too. Predictions are possible, but its better to focus on your agency and power. Let's open the book of mystery together!

Shortlist of event clients include Pratt Institute, Hulu x People Magazine, Urban Outfitters, The Wild Unknown, and various creative agencies in NYC. 

Testimonial: "Thank you so much for taking part in our Animal Spirit event back in May. You were a great addition to the night and I was really impressed by your gifts as a reader. I've had a lot of readings and worked with the cards often but I felt your approach had a lot of vision and depth (even in the midst of a party!)." --Kim Krans, artist + creator of the Wild Unknown

I am available to travel for select dates. Advanced booking 3-4 weeks out is recommended. 

"GAME CHANGER! My work with Lady Rose has been a tremendous gift. Lady Rose speaks to me at the top of my intelligence and engages a multi-sensory experience, offering healing on all dimensions of my being. Her guidance streams in poetic metaphors, lush in word and visuals. She hits the mark, offering effortlessly, what I need to know, hear, understand and see. I grow from each of our sessions and the home-play exercises and suggested implementations have assisted me in in reaching new grounded awareness and heights of perspective. Our work has been influential in deepening my relationship to self and others as well as expansive to my work and vision as a fellow lightworker and visual artist. Lady Rose is a sister that I can call upon on the journey. I am grateful for our rich exchanges." --Elizabeth Traina, artist + lightworker
"THE MOST EXPANSIVE, DEEP ROOTED, ANGELIC EXPERIENCE... Thank you for connecting the dots across realms, generations, lifetimes, universes. Thank you for always seeing my truth when sometimes I'm sitting in the fog of my own manifestation. I am so grateful for you and the truth you live and share with the world. I'm so excited for this ever-evolving work we have together as sisters of the sacred. If you haven't experienced Lady Rose's light... you are in for a surprise." --Emily Mikaelah, founder of Helios + Selene
"A PROSPEROUS, VITAL PORTAL OPENED UP...Rose's approach is unique. She is comfortable with the energy flowing through and around her. The relationship with the energies and guides she works with is respectful and gentle. I love her playful attitude as she explains everything in an easy on the ears kind of way. I left feeling super relaxed, open and clear. The most amazing things started happening, that night and even days after. A prosperous, vital portal had opened up. To say the least, I was amazed. I highly recommend working with Rose. You will not be disappointed by the fresh, sweet, kind energy she upholds and summons." -- HariPrakaash, kundalini yoga teacher

Education & Residencies
  • Rhinebeck, NY: Full Scholarship recipient for Dance Your Bliss retreat, Omega Institute
  • Hurley, NY: Winter Artist-Healer-in-Residence, Maha Rose North
  • San Juan Islands, WA: Silent Retreat, Sakya Kachod Buddhist Temple
  • Bali, Indonesia: 200-HR Yoga Teacher Certification, Blooming Lotus
  • Brooklyn, NY: Reiki Level I and II Attunements, Maha Rose
  • Indiana University-Bloomington, Communication & Culture-Film & Media with minors in Psychology, Creative Writing and French

additional professional experience...

  • former professional portrait photographer for bands, artists and vintage boutiques
  • dance teacher, choreographer, creative movement facilitator for students age 3 to adult 
  • National Society of Arts & Letters award recipient for solo modern dance performance
  • trained at summer intensives at American Dance Festival, Cincinnati Ballet; Jordan Academy of Dance Butler University, privately trained with Patti Willey of Dan Wagoner & Dancers

What people say:

"The most powerful experience at the hands of another I've ever had." --Kelly Morris, founder of Conquering Lion Yoga + the Infinity Call

"Rose is a gift to us, a highly intuitive messenger... she opened a portal of expansion for me and gently facilitated such beautiful healing." --Vanja Vukelic, artist aka Merakilabbe

"The meditation was amazing and insightful." --Jacob Moistner, Soho House's Ludlow House

recent highlights:

  • artist-healer-in-residence at Desert Daze Music Festival x Mystic Bazaar in Joshua Tree, CA

  • custom meditation experiences for Soho House's LudLow House NYC

  • ritual design for 1Hotels Central Park as featured on Forbes.com

  • tarot readings for Hulu, People Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Pratt Institute, the Wild Unknown, High Line NYC, Wolf & Wilheminse, Gates Creative and more

  • presented Love + The Empress talk at The Temple of Venus, presented by The Numinous

  • wrote an article for the Numinous : Embody Your Power: A Message for America

The Oracle of Becoming: A Visual Activation

Digital guidebook + audio recording 


The 23 "Keys of Sovereignty" contain blessings and lessons of our collective journey towards hope, faith and wisdom. The visuals are sacred encodements of galactic frequency from The Rainbow Warriors (a collective of Light Awarenesses, and shamanic warriors who overlight this planet), Lady Nada, Isis, Hathor, and other enlightened masters who come to earth in devotional service. These teachings are available via direct transmission, and this deck provides a great clearing of all that is in the way of you becoming a true vessel of the light. It has been described as others by uplifting, rejuvenating, and if you find yourself sensitive to healing energy, you will likely experience a direct energetic encodement that enlivens a new reality for you. 

We can play, explore and delight in these teachings as a one-on-one session over Skype, phone, or at my home studio in Brooklyn. These sessions so far, are incredible activations of spirit, with each card acting as a key that opens into another realm. Within these realms lie many archetypes of sovereignty, which we learn with to find unity, integration, and alignment with our galactic selves. 

I received the galactic symbols in one sitting while living in upstate New York. I had always wanted to make a tarot deck, but what came through was wholly different than anything I had ever expected. It was months before I could sit down and finish it. Then again, I sat for one evening and painted the accompanying visuals as a series of experimental watercolors. The creation of this deck broke the dam of my creativity. It began a wave of other teachings including books I'd been wanting to write, teachings I'd been meaning to record, and not to mention, some of the most powerful visionary experiences and physical sensations of Spiritude that I'd experienced to date.

This is a visionary deck, for visionary people. It requires imagination, trust, love, hope, and faith. Enjoy. 

Order the Deck - $13.99 (digital download, 30- page e-book + audio)






by Lady Rose Amara

The Voluminous Realities of Sophia are a canopy of teachings that illustrate the fruition of divine constellations of awareness within my own minds eye. 


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these are an unpublished series of works. please do not distribute, recopy or duplicate in any way. these may not be printed or shared.

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